ROLAND HOLST–VAN DER SCHALK, Henriette Gover Dine Anna

(1869–1952). Poet and politician. Together with her husband, artist Richard Roland Holst (1868–1938), Henriette van der Schalk studied Das Kapital by Karl Marx in 1896. Historical materialism influenced her political ideas and her view of history, on which she wrote extensively. She became a member of the Soci aal Democratische Arbeiderspartij (SDAP, Social Democratic La bor Party) but was expelled with Herman Gorter, Henk Sneevliet, and others in 1909. After founding the short-lived Revolutionair Socialistische Bond (Revolutionary Socialist Association) in 1916, she joined the orthodox Marxists. Contrary to her friends Gorter and Anthonie Pannekoek, Roland Holst–van der Schalk main tained her loyalty to the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revo lution. In 1927, she withdrew her membership from the Dutch Communist Party. Her ideas developed in the direction of a religious-ethical socialism. She was also a proponent of the social and legal emancipation of women. In 1947, she published her memoirs (Het vuur brandde voort: Levensherinneringen).

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands. . 2012.

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